Month: March 2018


Inscribed are the words I bleed, for all to see. Mistakes are painful and permanent, a reflection of my mind.

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I’m a Classic

I’m a Classic. There’s no masking it. I’ve made mistakes, sat in idle, and threw a fit.   Every morning, noon, or night, I fed our ferocious appetite. The need to speak; were words unsaid. Imagination knew no height.   I’m a Classic. Lost in time—long passed it. I miss you every day, Mornings, Noons,…

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Dear Poet,

Why do you write with such wandering thoughts?   Will you find the words that we think are right? Or wrong?   Where do the wonders of this world hide in that well of ideas?   Please tell me, Dear Poet.

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Old fashion “Love Song”

Love me like an old fashion love song. Where the melody is innocent and the feelings are true. Let’s forget about our worries and hold each other close. Let’s dance together under the stars to the chorus. Let Forever be a guideline that our hearts will fly passed. Take my hand and love me like…

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Pride of a Lion

Sunrises and sunsets have glazed your eyes. Staring ever so quietly; observing all that hides.   With every step, a rhythm of your pride. Victories and failures,  a shadow at your side.   Let not your scars fool you. Some were self-inflicted while others were cut true.   When you cry, it becomes a battle…

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