Month: March 2018

Onyx Eyes

Ever so vigilant, it watches. Patches of light, a life dodges. Unable to answer, curiosity plunges. “Why are we here?”, the question lunges. Silence—just silence.

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On Writing

Escape between the lines. A curl of the pen, an inked feeling hides. Flirting with imagination, piece by piece, no hesitation. Finished and riddled with mistakes, you pause. “Was that right?” Lost in question

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Stone Statue

Steadfast, yet still. Silently strong but secretively suffering. Society smiles, so I smile. Scratching at my sins, they stay. Should I? I shan’t… So, Still scared… Still silently strong but no longer suffering.

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For Editors

Tocking of ticks, the mouse clicks. So many words to fix. Seconds per word, hours for ideas, keyboard is raw with too many inquiries to miss.

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How to light the Soul

  Excuses and doubt for tinder. Add some loss, agony, and failure. Motivation, ever so fragile, strike it fast! Don’t hesitate! It doesn’t last! Higher and higher, the flame grows. Look you did it! It shows. When hot embers cool to ash, “Will you do this again?” This I ask.

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