Month: April 2018


When your love’s in need, I’ll stand by your side. Here’s my hand, I’ll take the lead. So please don’t cry and don’t be ashamed. Like stories of old, My vow I have sworn.   When it’s all you can take, I’ll continue to fight For the smile that you make, The light in my…

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Your Fan

First, I wanted to apologize for not staying consistent with posting content. It’s not “Writer’s Block” or procrastination. I’m honestly really happy that I’m able to do this as a full time gig, for now at least. With that, I was also able to self-publish my first poetry book! Don’t worry, I’m not going to…

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My Boy’s in Love

Messy hair and a missing tooth. He smiles and tells her the truth, “I like you.” Cute little whispers, I sneak a peek and watch him kiss her cheek. Even he has me blushing! They run off and play pretend. I watch at a distance, reaching for paper and pen, writing, “God, not again! My…

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Synthetically-laced Puppet

I’m a marionette, just a synthetically-laced puppet. Always telling myself, “I’m not a real person yet.”   With four strings to manipulate, it’s difficult to distinguish real from fake. My actions bend at its mercy. Once it wears off, I have myself to hate.   I take it again and sit there, lighter than air…

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Stone Chalice

The Latte Stone  (Lah-tee)   A stone chalice, made by ancestors before I. Limestone imperfections to the naked eye. It held huts and statuses high. Outsiders awe at its sturdy might. The locals know this stone chalice— our hidden cup of life.

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