Month: April 2018

Robert Frost

Humbled by deaths and decisions, he pursued a purpose beyond his own. Interpreting all around him, pain and elegance recorded by his hand. He talked about the life beyond ours, all while staying grounded. He was given awards and accolades for all his accomplishments. Still, he stayed a student. There are 3 things he has…

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I am your Instrument

Hold me close, it’s just you and me. There’s no need for an orchestra or symphony.   Under the stars or by candle light, let us make music unforeseen by sight.   I am your guitar, with six strings to strum. Rub your fingers against me, and attune to my hum.   I am your…

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Sketching the Sky

It starts at the end; where it first began. From below mountains to the tops of oceans, etching itself for all to see. Smudges of clouds add to the ambiance across the page. Deep colors, such warm colors fade to start again.

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