Month: May 2018

My Girl Brandy

Toughest little shot to ever punch my throat. She’s not a stranger to anyone and can hold her own. She’s lovely and scary, subtle and moody, my best friend called Brandy.

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Unrequited Love

There, within your reach, hangs an immature heart. You’ve dreamt of its taste and traveled far for its knowledge. Seclusion will be a memory now. Twisting and pulling, the fruit comes undone at your hand. Savor this unrequited love, not of your garden but of another.

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Memorial Day

Fallen has he and she— ideals for all to be free. Giving their lives for a country to let society take a knee and claim inequality— because it’s a social media frenzy. Maybe they can’t they see, the spirits of he and she, helping them up because they are free.   Those who do take…

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Rolled by the hands of man, are rice and vegetables of the land. Collaborate fish and seaweed from the ocean to harmonize its cooperation. Maybe it’s just me but the embodiment of land, sky, and sea, can be found in a roll of sushi.

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