Aged with Humor

While eating my scone,

I had the honor of speaking to a humorous soul.

He was wondering why I wrote.

I told him, “honestly, I don’t know.”

His fake smile was genuine.

Eventually, making me smile again.

“Kid, you’re older than I am!”

This was coming from an old man.

“Live and laugh. Lie and love.

If you can do all that, then you can write about stuff.”


People find humor in the strangest way.

He took a seat and told me about his day.


“I laughed on the toilet to enjoy some potty humor.

I swear some people think I’m a damned boozer.

Anyway, I spat out my coffee

Watching my wife trying to find her keys.

She pinched my ear and gave me a kiss,

I prefer it this way, our younger days I don’t miss.

We were high strung and ready for the world.

A college dropout dating a business girl.

We struggled to love and to get by.

Most of the time, I had to hold her and cry.

I was nothing—a no one.

Who the hell wanted that kind of someone?

She did. I told her she was crazy.

You know what she told me? She liked me this way.

I made her smile. I was her oddball.

I used to try hard but honestly, it was all natural.

Now, I joke and laugh at everything.

Humor, the gift that keeps giving.

I know I’ll leave this world smiling.

You can write that down in your journaling.

Kid, there’s nothing and nobody holding you back.

When you encounter them, show them the finger and laugh.

But do it with a smile, it’ll throw them off.

I’ve done it enough times, just don’t do it to a cop.”


It was a pleasure meeting him,

trotting off with his contagious grin.

Life lessons taught by a loon,

who knew?

I smile more because of that baby boomer.

He was a piece of work, some random guy aged with humor.

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"A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure." ~Charlie Chaplin

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