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"A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure." ~Charlie Chaplin


Left only to the imagination, the world can be big or small. The thrills of going nowhere will always lead you somewhere. Mountains and fields will remind you of the ocean. Diving underwater will bring back that congested commotion. Is it about the journey or the destination? Regardless of perspective, adventure resides in us. Embody…

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Reggae Vibes

96 degrees in the shade was a common thing growing up in those days. Three little birds not only sang sweet songs that captured you, they danced to a melody so true. Waiting in vain for any love might seem too insane. Drinking red, red wine in the night will have you feeling right. Stir…

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Aged with Humor

While eating my scone, I had the honor of speaking to a humorous soul. He was wondering why I wrote. I told him, “honestly, I don’t know.” His fake smile was genuine. Eventually, making me smile again. “Kid, you’re older than I am!” This was coming from an old man. “Live and laugh. Lie and…

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Is it a biscuit or a hardened slice of pie? Whatever it is, the rhubarb and cherries in it are quite nice. Fresh from the stand and into my hand, such a scone can’t be left alone.

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When I’m at my worse or at rock-bottom, there’s no choice but to look up and reach the achievable.

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