Reggae Vibes

96 degrees in the shade

was a common thing growing up in those days.

Three little birds

not only sang sweet songs that captured you,

they danced to a melody so true.

Waiting in vain

for any love might seem too insane.

Drinking red, red wine in the night

will have you feeling right.

Stir it up

Fill my cup

One love

I can’t get enough.

Sidewalk Violinist

A deafened ear over the years

has never stopped his dream.

Playing for cheers he can’t hear,

he sits at third and fifth by the street.

The torment of losing his wife

gives his music life—

that’s why he tries.


Bowing the strings,

he remembers her, ever so dear.

He would play and she would sing.

Memories fading, the resonance of life he feared.

His frail hands understand

his mistakes in music and as a man,

if only he can play for her again.


The crowd grows empty,

only a few dimes litter his case.

He gives the money to a nearby charity.

It was his last performance at this place.

He’s gone to heaven now,

where he plays his violin for cherub crowds.

No longer a sidewalk violinist, but an angel in the clouds.

Son of a Seamstress



taking patterns and material

to sew colors that only your

love can express.


choosing the right emotions

and threading your soul


I’ve mistaken your happiness

when you smiled,

while wearing the shirt you made.

Some of the buttons have gone missing now

and there are holes and stains all over.

You rush to fix it.

I don’t see anything wrong,

the love never faded.