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Welcome Home

Rigor mortis settles in the flakes of petrified petals, gathered in a jar so clear. Embalming my colors with thyme and lavenders, masking my scent once dear.   Held on display to rot and decay, why child? Do you not fear death for the amount you spent to toss me after a while?   I…

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Was I ever beautiful?

Encased in bronze, I became a masterpiece. Death of a child? A cheating husband? Only their minds can rush the truth. My screams are silent and eternal. The pain immaculate and perpetual. What am I to them?! The rain cries on me now— tears I think I deserve. My eyes trapped behind cold hands. If…

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What started as an accident, that led to inspiration. It’s funny how a mistake made me remember the rule to all ARTS: Always Remember The Simplicity

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