Category: Art

I’m a Classic

I’m a Classic. There’s no masking it. I’ve made mistakes, sat in idle, and threw a fit.   Every morning, noon, or night, I fed our ferocious appetite. The need to speak; were words unsaid. Imagination knew no height.   I’m a Classic. Lost in time—long passed it. I miss you every day, Mornings, Noons,…

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On Writing

Escape between the lines. A curl of the pen, an inked feeling hides. Flirting with imagination, piece by piece, no hesitation. Finished and riddled with mistakes, you pause. “Was that right?” Lost in question

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For Editors

Tocking of ticks, the mouse clicks. So many words to fix. Seconds per word, hours for ideas, keyboard is raw with too many inquiries to miss.

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