I’ll buy you a round, maybe a pint or two. “Had a rough day?” Hell, I did too. Well, here’s to the fools who believe the answer is at the bottom of the glass. Sip Swig Gulp Care for another beer before you go?

Shrimp Po Boy

Photo by: Jim M from keyingredient Down in the bayou a blend of French and Cajun cuisine reign supreme. I still get goosebumps when I think of a shrimp po boy. Dressed like a Sunday outing, the lettuce, tomato, and mayo will have you craving a beer for the Gulf’s Eucharist. The golden crispy shrimp—... Continue Reading →


Is it a biscuit or a hardened slice of pie? Whatever it is, the rhubarb and cherries in it are quite nice. Fresh from the stand and into my hand, such a scone can’t be left alone.


Ugly little cupcake with an unfrosted top, where do you get off stealing my heart? I didn’t know you hid berries and bananas in all the right areas. Curse you muffin, I’ll have you again.

Orange Juice

From the container with pieces of pulp, I have to remind myself not to instinctively gulp. Orange juice… I’m drinking orange juice.

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