Category: Food/Drink

Potato Soup

Sorry, I’m not feeling well. The stupid pollen has cast its spell. My poems suck today, at least it’s sunny and partially gray. I’m going to recover and stay in the coop with a bowl of warm potato soup.

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Those long barefoot summer nights, I’d sip away the day, in delight. Bitter as a mosquito bite and sweet as the time, a chilled glass of lemonade eases the mind.

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Cinnamon Roll

Swirled little pastry of caramelized cinnamon, hypnotize my appetite— again and again. An accent of butter—no, a spoonful of sweet cream will complement it along with my coffee. Simple little cinnamon roll, you know how to enchant your role.

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Toast and Jam

Toast and jam made me who I am. Whether I’m rich or poor, toast and jam I’ll always afford. Such a pleasing crunch may not be much, but when it’s made with love, it’s more than enough.

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Hot Chocolate

As painful as the first sip of coffee, the thought of the future burns my mind. My little boy’s coffee mug, hot chocolate staining the rim, is a grim reminder of his evolving youth. I can already see him: rushing; confused; and wallowing due to his failures.   “Daddy, can I have coffee with you?”…

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Grilled Memories

It was my first fire, a little kid’s desire, grilling the memories of home in my heart. We’d marinade the meat and skewer practically anything. Turn by turn, keeping them apart. Music from the radio drowned out our awful singing solo. We took turns sampling from the grill at the start. Such fondest memories of…

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