Category: Free Verse

Was I ever beautiful?

Encased in bronze, I became a masterpiece. Death of a child? A cheating husband? Only their minds can rush the truth. My screams are silent and eternal. The pain immaculate and perpetual. What am I to them?! The rain cries on me now— tears I think I deserve. My eyes trapped behind cold hands. If…

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Get Lost

Indecisive in the direction I go, I am the wind. Every misguided step to nowhere, I am a ten-second dream of hope. Having nothing to offer like fruitless branches, I am a tree. Ebbing and flowing—constantly unbalanced, I am the tide. Feeling out of place with others around, I am a flower in a forest. When…

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The Monarch Butterfly

Embedded are sunsets and clouds upon the wings of a Monarch butterfly. Their steadfast prowess against the wind can be justified by its instinctual commitment. Where and why do they go stirring up placidness and tornadoes? Then again, why question a bug worth admiring?

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The Warriors of Surf

White claws gallop toward shore from a distance and up close. Only a few have braved the hand of the sea. Is it a death wish or exhilaration? I can tell you it’s more.   The warriors I’ve surfed with have a desire of their own. We don’t go into battle with horses or swords,…

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