Distant Happiness

Carnation in color—

matching no other.

Sun-kissed are the petals,

I dare not disturb her.



I write,

my pen taking note

of how she dances in the wind.


She didn’t bob or weave.

It was more of a graceful curtsy.


I saw that she wasn’t free.


Ensnared to a life of loneliness—

she frees herself in the emptiness.

With eyes that looked her way,

she’s given life—

one of only distant happiness.

“What took you so long?”

What took you so long?”,

was not the way it should’ve been.

Instead, we had our lives end

only to start over again.


No more midnight rendezvous,

pillow talks, or morning company.

I’ve never felt this lonely

without you beside me.


“I’m sorry”, won’t cut it.

It’s been 10 years and three months being apart.

The closest I can get to you is being under the stars.

Please forgive me for breaking your heart.


I know,

it took me this long

to figure out I was wrong

all along.

You’re Happy Ending

I’ve built up my courage

for you to not notice

what you are to me.

I’ve rejected advances

for one of your kisses.

Is this how it’s to be?

Another night alone

staring at my phone.

What’s going on?


We’ve shared in your burden,

I tried to make you feel perfect

but who am I to you?

You’re my beauty and my beat

the unrehearsed melody to my harmony.

What am I to do?

Wish upon a star?

Mend my shattered heart?

I don’t know where to start.


When it comes time for you to choose,

I’ll support your decision and be there for you.

Who am I to stand in your way

of a happy ending.

I’ve gone this far with just pretending.

There’s no excuse for you to keep waiting.


Let me whisper a secret,

something you already know.

My heart, you can take it and

make it your own.

I’ve waited so long

for you to come along

and give me a love so warm.


I’ll vow to give you my life,

to have and to hold.

I know I’ll be wrong and you’ll be right,

as long as you’ll still love me when we get old.

I just knew,

when I met you,

that I’d whisper, “I Do.”