Category: Love

Take my Hand

Take my hand, forever we’ll be together. Let us share smiles and tears, just take my hand.   Take my hand, when you’re scared or afraid. Whatever it is, we’ll get through it together. just take my hand.   Take my hand, when you’re beaten or weak. Interlace your fingers with mine. Don’t give up!…

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I am your Instrument

Hold me close, it’s just you and me. There’s no need for an orchestra or symphony.   Under the stars or by candle light, let us make music unforeseen by sight.   I am your guitar, with six strings to strum. Rub your fingers against me, and attune to my hum.   I am your…

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Old fashion “Love Song”

Love me like an old fashion love song. Where the melody is innocent and the feelings are true. Let’s forget about our worries and hold each other close. Let’s dance together under the stars to the chorus. Let Forever be a guideline that our hearts will fly passed. Take my hand and love me like…

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