Category: Motivational

If I were a poem

If I were a poem, I’d flutter like a leaf pretending to be a butterfly. My imagination would have no rhyme, defying the etiquette of life. I’d be miserable, like a pill waiting to be swallowed. I’d be overjoyed like a squirrel in a hollow. I’d be everywhere for everyone to ignore. I’d be misinterpreted…

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Who needs falling stars or lucky charms when the wish you have is in your hands. With a clear mind and a blazing heart, the infinite universe understands. So, let it shine as you cast it high in the setting sun tonight.

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Get Lost

Indecisive in the direction I go, I am the wind. Every misguided step to nowhere, I am a ten-second dream of hope. Having nothing to offer like fruitless branches, I am a tree. Ebbing and flowing—constantly unbalanced, I am the tide. Feeling out of place with others around, I am a flower in a forest. When…

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