Category: Motivational

Pride of a Lion

Sunrises and sunsets have glazed your eyes. Staring ever so quietly; observing all that hides.   With every step, a rhythm of your pride. Victories and failures,  a shadow at your side.   Let not your scars fool you. Some were self-inflicted while others were cut true.   When you cry, it becomes a battle…

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Spring Assessment

Crooked, it aches. Slowly, it buds behind The dozens. The sun glazes the outer branches, Attracting foreseen attention. Hidden away, Under the shadow of others, It blooms. One by one, Most of the flowers fall, But not you. Ever so bright, You glisten among the branches.

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How to light the Soul

  Excuses and doubt for tinder. Add some loss, agony, and failure. Motivation, ever so fragile, strike it fast! Don’t hesitate! It doesn’t last! Higher and higher, the flame grows. Look you did it! It shows. When hot embers cool to ash, “Will you do this again?” This I ask.

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