Category: Nature

Distant Happiness

Carnation in color— matching no other. Sun-kissed are the petals, I dare not disturb her.   Instead, I write, my pen taking note of how she dances in the wind.   She didn’t bob or weave. It was more of a graceful curtsy. Pausing— I saw that she wasn’t free.   Ensnared to a life…

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Fire at Twilight

Crimson twirls— cackles of auburn pierce the night. Sunset faded hours ago, its warmth still burns— Hopeless Scared Alone. These thoughts turn to ash as I stare into the flame— watching fragmented star light float to the night sky, waiting for tomorrow’s answer to today’s feelings.

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Left only to the imagination, the world can be big or small. The thrills of going nowhere will always lead you somewhere. Mountains and fields will remind you of the ocean. Diving underwater will bring back that congested commotion. Is it about the journey or the destination? Regardless of perspective, adventure resides in us. Embody…

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Waves reach for land, unsure whether to stay or to go. Its population of isolation engrained in its golden shore.   Hushing in the trees comforts the silence. A veil of salted mist filters the ocean’s penance.   How can such a place exist, let alone survive? The incantation of your imagination was missing an…

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Unfolded purple chrysalis, spotted are the lilacs with morning droplets. Accenting my garden, where the sun, birds, and moon hearken to a simpleton’s burden.

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Cosmic Rainbow

Arched stars in the dark, full moon ablaze, light the way to eternity. Indefinite are the questions we seek to unstable answers. Oh, cosmic rainbow, wild are the wishes you capture.

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