Left only to the imagination, the world can be big or small. The thrills of going nowhere will always lead you somewhere. Mountains and fields will remind you of the ocean. Diving underwater will bring back that congested commotion. Is it about the journey or the destination? Regardless of perspective, adventure resides in us. Embody... Continue Reading →


Waves reach for land, unsure whether to stay or to go. Its population of isolation engrained in its golden shore.   Hushing in the trees comforts the silence. A veil of salted mist filters the ocean’s penance.   How can such a place exist, let alone survive? The incantation of your imagination was missing an... Continue Reading →


Unfolded purple chrysalis, spotted are the lilacs with morning droplets. Accenting my garden, where the sun, birds, and moon hearken to a simpleton's burden.

Cosmic Rainbow

Arched stars in the dark, full moon ablaze, light the way to eternity. Indefinite are the questions we seek to unstable answers. Oh, cosmic rainbow, wild are the wishes you capture.

Crying Flowers

How can flowers make crying so beautiful? They don’t know sadness nor do they utter a word. Even as the rain falls, they stand so tall— radiating a strength so small.

Day of the Phoenix

Melodies of birds, carried on gospel winds, greet the rising phoenix. Caught in its gentlest gale, evening subsides to rest again. Such is the silence— fit for a phoenix.

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