Distant Happiness

Carnation in color—

matching no other.

Sun-kissed are the petals,

I dare not disturb her.



I write,

my pen taking note

of how she dances in the wind.


She didn’t bob or weave.

It was more of a graceful curtsy.


I saw that she wasn’t free.


Ensnared to a life of loneliness—

she frees herself in the emptiness.

With eyes that looked her way,

she’s given life—

one of only distant happiness.


Left only to the imagination,

the world can be big or small.

The thrills of going nowhere

will always lead you somewhere.

Mountains and fields will remind you of the ocean.

Diving underwater will bring back that congested commotion.

Is it about the journey or the destination?

Regardless of perspective,

adventure resides in us.

Embody the venture of wanderlust’s sensation.