Ugly little cupcake with an unfrosted top, where do you get off stealing my heart? I didn’t know you hid berries and bananas in all the right areas. Curse you muffin, I’ll have you again.

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You’re Happy Ending

I’ve built up my courage for you to not notice what you are to me. I’ve rejected advances for one of your kisses. Is this how it’s to be? Another night alone staring at my phone. What’s going on?   We’ve shared in your burden, I tried to make you feel perfect but who am…

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Let’s Make Believe

A pocket full of pixie dust and a sewn shadow should be enough for the two of us. I can play the hero, while you save the day. Our laughter will interlock as we play. Let’s be young forever— dim-witted and clever. We’ll dance in the rain and catch falling stars. Fiction no longer fake…

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Waves reach for land, unsure whether to stay or to go. Its population of isolation engrained in its golden shore.   Hushing in the trees comforts the silence. A veil of salted mist filters the ocean’s penance.   How can such a place exist, let alone survive? The incantation of your imagination was missing an…

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