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Distant Happiness

Carnation in color— matching no other. Sun-kissed are the petals, I dare not disturb her.   Instead, I write, my pen taking note of how she dances in the wind.   She didn’t bob or weave. It was more of a graceful curtsy. Pausing— I saw that she wasn’t free.   Ensnared to a life…

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You’re Happy Ending

I’ve built up my courage for you to not notice what you are to me. I’ve rejected advances for one of your kisses. Is this how it’s to be? Another night alone staring at my phone. What’s going on?   We’ve shared in your burden, I tried to make you feel perfect but who am…

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A rock and I

Mourning dew saturates your stone, silhouetted memories buried within me. Birds try to sing harmonic psalms, only silent scores reach our ears. It’s difficult to say the right words now when it was easy to say the wrong ones. Here I am, talking to a rock. Shows how desperate I am to talk to you,…

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