“What took you so long?”

What took you so long?”,

was not the way it should’ve been.

Instead, we had our lives end

only to start over again.


No more midnight rendezvous,

pillow talks, or morning company.

I’ve never felt this lonely

without you beside me.


“I’m sorry”, won’t cut it.

It’s been 10 years and three months being apart.

The closest I can get to you is being under the stars.

Please forgive me for breaking your heart.


I know,

it took me this long

to figure out I was wrong

all along.

If I were a girl…


If I were a girl

then maybe, I’d understand—

what it was to love her

and how to be a better man.

It’s not what I wanted

but I swear I won’t doubt it

So, here’s my plan.


I’d paint all my nails,

just like the stars.

I’ll curl my hair with some flair,

taking all this to heart.


I’d smile at him,

when he tells me he’s wrong.

Lie after lie—wondering why

it’s always the same old song.


I’d cry in the sun

or maybe hide in bed.

What he did was unexpected,

my patience already tested.

Now I know what she meant,


If you were a girl,

then maybe, you’d understand—

what it was to love me

and what I need from a man.

It’s not what I wanted,

just trust me and don’t doubt it.

Hopefully, you’ll get the hint.”



Come hurt me tonight,

it’ll be alright.

I’ve loved you before,

I can love you again—



Sorrow has lost its soul,

the soul you helped burn.

Love me tonight and I’ll

pretend to love you again

in return.


Let’s forget that we exist

and what we had.

Maybe this time,

it won’t hurt as bad.

We can lay there and

talk about nothing,

or we can lustfully dance,

fast-forwarding to morning.


When you leave,

I promise not to cry.

All I wanted,

was to love you again—