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Fire at Twilight

Crimson twirls— cackles of auburn pierce the night. Sunset faded hours ago, its warmth still burns— Hopeless Scared Alone. These thoughts turn to ash as I stare into the flame— watching fragmented star light float to the night sky, waiting for tomorrow’s answer to today’s feelings.

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I’ll buy you a round, maybe a pint or two. “Had a rough day?” Hell, I did too. Well, here’s to the fools who believe the answer is at the bottom of the glass. Sip Swig Gulp Care for another beer before you go?

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“What took you so long?”

“What took you so long?”, was not the way it should’ve been. Instead, we had our lives end only to start over again.   No more midnight rendezvous, pillow talks, or morning company. I’ve never felt this lonely without you beside me.   “I’m sorry”, won’t cut it. It’s been 10 years and three months…

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Barefoot Princess

Spritely wouldn’t be the word to describe her. She was cute and dirty, the opposite of royalty, but it suited her just fine. The thought never crossed my mind.   Her hair of amber waves wasn’t braided. So, it clung to her face. She didn’t play alone, it was her and her shadow.   The…

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Left only to the imagination, the world can be big or small. The thrills of going nowhere will always lead you somewhere. Mountains and fields will remind you of the ocean. Diving underwater will bring back that congested commotion. Is it about the journey or the destination? Regardless of perspective, adventure resides in us. Embody…

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