Colored Pencils

A rainbow flare at my disposal warm and cool to the touch. My ideas and imagination illuminate the page. Shapes to shading, and after patiently waiting, I can reveal the ending. Like writing, There are no set rules to abide by. Something to consider though, "Faults will define your work." That’s what makes it yours.... Continue Reading →

Doo Wop Rhapsody

Remember then, Dancing in the streets A thousand miles away?   I only have eyes for you Earth Angel, Only you and you alone.   Why do fools fall in love Under the boardwalk, In the still of the night?   There goes my baby A teenager in love; The Wanderer.   Since I don’t... Continue Reading →

When I write

When I write, I’m free— Free to be and do anything.   I can lie or tell the truth adding a dash of charisma too. Line by line, I debate the scheme to rhyme. Still, I’m free.   I abuse the structure of free verse and consider it a curse. Using adverbs copiously, elegantly, and... Continue Reading →

Gypsy Fashionista

Halter top and dreadlocks, bedazzled with Forget-Me-Nots. Your manicured heart and pedicured soul, have caught my thoughts   You permeate with colors, dancing alongside others. The wind plays with your hair and the ground catching your steps— my heart speaks and stutters.   Teach me to be free, but your caravan readies to leave. Will... Continue Reading →

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