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Barefoot Princess

Spritely wouldn’t be the word to describe her. She was cute and dirty, the opposite of royalty, but it suited her just fine. The thought never crossed my mind.   Her hair of amber waves wasn’t braided. So, it clung to her face. She didn’t play alone, it was her and her shadow.   The…

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Aged with Humor

While eating my scone, I had the honor of speaking to a humorous soul. He was wondering why I wrote. I told him, “honestly, I don’t know.” His fake smile was genuine. Eventually, making me smile again. “Kid, you’re older than I am!” This was coming from an old man. “Live and laugh. Lie and…

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Ugly little cupcake with an unfrosted top, where do you get off stealing my heart? I didn’t know you hid berries and bananas in all the right areas. Curse you muffin, I’ll have you again.

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I can’t rhyme it because it’s something you taste, hear, touch, and see.   I mean, we can Taste a sunset; Hear a field of marigolds; Touch the citrus twist; and See the cleansing aroma it illuminates.   An orange reminds me of love, motivation, and individuality. It doesn’t need to rhyme or make sense,…

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Website Overhaul

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great day whether it’s writing or lounging (maybe both). I’ll be overhauling my site over the next few days (fingers crossed that by Tuesday, it’ll be ready). With Summer around the corner, I would like to better organize things to make it accessible for you. There…

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