“What took you so long?”

What took you so long?”,

was not the way it should’ve been.

Instead, we had our lives end

only to start over again.


No more midnight rendezvous,

pillow talks, or morning company.

I’ve never felt this lonely

without you beside me.


“I’m sorry”, won’t cut it.

It’s been 10 years and three months being apart.

The closest I can get to you is being under the stars.

Please forgive me for breaking your heart.


I know,

it took me this long

to figure out I was wrong

all along.

Memorial Day


Fallen has he and she—

ideals for all to be free.

Giving their lives for a country

to let society take a knee and claim inequality—

because it’s a social media frenzy.

Maybe they can’t they see,

the spirits of he and she,

helping them up

because they are free.


Those who do take a knee,

crying and weeping at the cemetery,

I offer my sincerest apology.

The spirits of he and she,

the ones who shared being happy with me,

haunt my memory

of being free.

It should’ve been me.

The Orchid



Not all flowers grab my attention like the orchid.

Their purples, whites, and yellows; all so innocent.

They remind me of my grandfather’s bratty smile.

It takes me back to when I was a child.


I was the first of his grandchildren.

All eight of us would climb all over him.

When he wasn’t playing with us,

he was in his garden, enjoying some solace.


I’d always find him there when we arrived at his home.

It never failed, there he was happy being alone.

He took special care of one particular plant.

It was an orchid, embraced in his calloused hand.


They make your grandma happy.”, he told me.

If I miss a day, she’ll be really angry.

 You know, it grows like grandma and you.

 The color’s not right, it should be blue.


“Blue? Why blue?”, I asked.

Blue like the ocean, so vast.

 Blue like the stars at night.

 Blue like the rain when you squint just right.”


When I left, I never saw him again.

I still picture him in his garden.

Months turned to decades

until I heard of his death that day.

I mourned and scorned in my hands,

thinking of him as a dead plant.


Since 2014, I used to ignore those flowers.

They reminded me of our times and those countless hours.

At the store, just passing through,

there it sat, an orchid of blue.

I had to stop because it was him!

The flower had the same grin!


He was right, all those years back.

It was blue like the ocean, so vast.

It was blue like the stars at night,

But I still can’t see it in the rain, I can’t squint right.


Touching the colors in my hand,

made me remember this man.

“I found it grandpa! It’s really true!

There’s an orchid, just like you.”



A rock and I


Mourning dew saturates your stone,

silhouetted memories buried within me.

Birds try to sing harmonic psalms,

only silent scores reach our ears.

It’s difficult to say the right words now

when it was easy to say the wrong ones.

Here I am,

talking to a rock.

Shows how desperate I am to talk to you,

when I never let you say your piece.

You’re probably telling me to smile,

It’s not what I want.

I want you to blame me.

How I could’ve been better;

for always lying; and

why you left me


I was lost from the start

and you used to make it make sense.

Being special to you made me arrogant to everyone.

I’ve bargained with nothing, hoping it brought you back—

but you folded before you called my bluff.

If eternity’s bonds have locked you away from me,

then I will live long enough to find the key and join you.